about Developmental Social Enterprise (DSE)

What is a DSE?
An organization with a culture centered on human value, and that exists to create societal impact alongside an ethical and viable business model. These include organizations from the cottage industry up to medium-sized enterprises with a maximum asset cap of Php 50 million, that have not only demonstrated consistent success, but have also shown a commitment to scale up.

How did we arrive at this definition?
This definition was a product of research and several meetings of the Awards team composed of experts in business, accounting, finance, communications, entrepreneurship, and social development.

Why DSE?
We emphasize the word “Developmental” because we recognize that there are Social Enterprises that have already achieved a measure of stability and success at a certain size but have decided they want to do more for society. Being conscious of the challenges that regular businesses face when attempting to scale up, we recognize the additional difficulties social enterprise face when they want to grow. For those that are willing to take that next step, we therefore offer not only recognition, but practical support and guidance.

Multiplier effect
With all the challenges plaguing society, the power of social enterprises to advance development comes from the multiplier effect they produce when addressing specific social challenges through enterprising means. But what that demands from social enterprises is the need to have disciplined focus, and to execute their operations on solid principles of business, good governance, human value, and ethical conduct.