Bote Central, Inc.

2017 Developmental Social Enterprise Awards Finalist

Bote Central, a family owned and managed corporation, pioneered Coffee Alamid – touted as the world’s most expensive coffee in the world. As the proponents deepened their relationship with agroforest dwellers and coffee-communities, they came across the then-coffee supply chain situation.

Using the income from Coffee Alamid’s progress, they researched on a more suitable production of coffee. They came up with their own business model called “chain of happiness” integrating roasting into the value chain. They also managed to innovate a coffee roasting machine into the “Rearden Roaster”, a fully automatic roasting machine with an IPO invention patent, suitably designed for coffee farmers.

Bote Central, Inc.
21 CRM Menchie cor. Graceful Sts., BF Almanza Subdivision, Las Pinas City
T: +63 (2) 805 0713
M: +63 (917) 812 4477