Generation Hope, Inc.

2017 Developmental Social Enterprise Awards Grand Winner

Having also been exposed to the efficiencies and profitability of the business world, Generation Hope was drawn from the idea of creating a hybrid enterprise that could bring with it the discipline of the private sector but would exist purely as a social benefit.

Because education provides the greatest ripple effect per dollar spent on the development of any nation, it became the focus of the enterprise. In 2012, the classroom shortage was highlighted as a priority and it provided the team with tangible and “easy to understand” social investment that could engage economic glasses. Bottled water became the choice of product to fund the initiative since water is a commodity that isn’t highly sensitive to tastes and trends.

Generation Hope donates 100% of profits to classroom construction. As of 2017, they have built 37 classrooms, impacting 9,310 students, all over the country.

Generation Hope, Inc.
38 Pili Ave. South Forbes Park, Makati City

T: +63 (2) 843 8749
M: +63 (949) 885 1787